The 10 Best Cosplays of PAX Prime 2015

PAX Prime 2015 Cosplay

As we walked around the showroom floor of Seattle’s PAX Prime 2015, we couldn’t help but to notice many of the magnificent cosplays that dedicated video game fans had put together for this special event.

While dressing up as one of your favorite characters is not in any way a requirement for attending PAX Prime, you’ll find that many of the people who choose to go take passion and pride in the craft of cosplay, turning the PAX Prime convention center into a magical place filled with wandering characters from different worlds.

With the vast amount of attendees that were engaging in so many unique cosplay, it’s not always easy to say that one is better than another. That being said, we’d like to show you the 10 best cosplays that we saw at PAX Prime 2015.

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