5 Fallout 4 Survival Mode Patch 1.5 Tips

Fallout 4 Featured Image Credit: Bethesda via Shoddycast

Fallout 4 – 1.5 update went public for Fallout 4 players on consoles, having been out on PC for Steam for a couple of weeks. In addition to bug fixes and in preparation for the release of the upcoming add-on, Far Harbor, the update introduced major changes to the game’s Survival difficulty mode. As players of previous games such as Fallout New Vegas know, the current Survival difficulty is not a true Survival mode.

The new Survival mode turns the game into even more of a hardcore challenge. It gives the player the true role-playing experience of trying not to die against overwhelming odds in a lawless and chaotic wasteland.  It is definitely not for the faint of heart.   

To turn on survival mode go to the start/pause menu and go to “SETTINGS.” Then go to “GAME PLAY,” and change the difficulty setting to “Survival.”

To explain all the various details of Survival mode an entire “HELP” section describing Survival mode was added to the game. Just go to your start/pause menu and select “HELP” underneath where it says “LOAD.”

Here in the numbered pages below are the highlights of the changes for those new to Survival mode or too busy to read and decipher the nuance in the “help” section.

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