Which of These 6 Destiny Players Are You?


Destiny Hunter

Every video game has its noobs (newbie or new player), and Destiny is no different. Whether playing video games or doing anything else in life, if you want to try something new, then you have to start as a noob. It is the first, essential step on the path to becoming legend.

Since every player must start as a noob, this type of player is a complete wild card. TheDestiny noob may be a Call of Duty  veteran that dominates the PVP with ease, and yet flails like a frustrated Magikarp throughout the unfamiliar mechanics of a Destiny raid. The Destinynoob may be a noob to the entire world of video games, having just purchased her or his first console. The Destiny noob may be a quick learner, a nice person, or a domestic terrorist with a gamertag; but the point is that it’s impossible to know what you’re getting with a newbie.

In the Destiny world, as well as in the broader gaming community, noobs often receive criticism and ridicule. But if you’re the noob reading this, then don’t worry. We’ve all been there. Don’t take it personally. Take this as a chance to decide whether or not you enjoy this game. If you do, then just keep practicing. Time erodes all noobs.

Ian Lepkowsky

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