AC Syndicate: How to Easily Unlock the Quadra, Triple, and Double Kills Perks

While playing Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, you may have already noticed that by performing certain actions within the game, you have the ability to unlock special perks. Once unlocked, these perks provide permanent buffs for both Jacob and Evie, so it’s worthwhile to unlock them earlier on in the game if you can.

Some of these perks can be difficult to unlock, such as the quadra, triple, and double kills perks. While the double kills perk is the easiest of the three, trying to pull off quadra and triple kills in a high intensity combat scenario can be an easy way to get yourself killed.However, we’ve found a trick that allows you to perform quadra, triple, and double kills with relative ease.

As you play through Syndicate, you will notice that as with previous games, there are associates and allies with whom you can perform missions. One of these associates is Robert Topping. If you want to easily unlock those kill perks, you’re going to want to pay him a visit.

As it turns out, Robert Topping heads a fight club ring (in addition to other underground activities such as carriage races). When in the fight club, you are technically not killing your opponents, but the takedowns still count as kills for your perks.

You’re not invincible in the fight club, so it will be easier to do this trick if you are a higher level than the recommended level of the fight club. Luckily, the lowest recommended level of a fight club is 2 at the one in Whitechapel or City of London. But since they’re lower level, you also won’t be able to get quadra kills in these because you aren’t usually in the ring with 4 people. If you want to get the double and triple kills first in the easiest clubs, be our guest.

Thames Fight Club

However, the best place to unlock quadra, triple, and double kills, is at the fight club on the Thames, right next to the quick travel viewpoint. The recommended level here is 4 and you will definitely be faced with 4 enemies or more.

When you’re in the fight club, don’t just start mashing away at your controller. You’ll notice that when you focus in an enemy’s direction, he will gain a white highlight around his body. If he’s not blocking, just do a regular attack. If he is blocking, break guard and attack once. Or wait to attack and perform one counter. Sometimes the bigger guys need two attacks. But without much effort, your character should perform a move that depletes the majority of the enemy’s health while leaving him staggered.

In this state, the enemies don’t attack as aggressively and are easier to avoid or run around. Leave them there and get the other enemies in the fight club into this state: up to two, three, or four of them. Then, when you see them all staggered, stand close enough to all of them so that they all gain the white highlight around their bodies. When you’re sure you see the highlight on the right number of enemies, just press attack and you’ll take them all down. Like so:

You can enter the fight clubs as many times as you wish, so just lather, rinse, and repeat until you’ve unlocked the quadra, triple, and double kills perks.

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