This Batman: Arkham Knight Mini-Mission Should Be Its Own AAA Title (Minor Spoilers)

Without revealing too many spoilers about the plot of Batman: Arkham Knight, we can say that at some point throughout the game, you will find yourself within a mini-mission in which you temporarily play as the Joker. We’re not saying the Joker is alive or dead. Right now, you don’t know if the mini-mission’s presence is a flashback, a hallucination, a present day experience, or something else entirely and we plan to keep it that way for you. That being said, now that you know about the mini-mission, let’s consider an idea.

In the Batman: Arkham Knight Joker mini-mission when you play as the Joker, while you don’t get to do a whole lot you do have access to not only a gun, but also a Joker version of the Batmobile. This gets us thinking. Batman fans love the Joker almost as much and sometimes even more than Batman himself. Rocksteady has stated multiple times that Batman: Arkham Knight is the end of the Arkham trilogy, but what about a Joker game? It could be called Joker: The Clown Prince of Gotham.

There are different ways that Rocksteady could go with this game but consider this; imagine a game where you the story begins a short time after Joker has solidified his identity and motives. In the game, Joker would be a lesser known criminal who is just starting to form his own crew. The story would center on the player taking Joker through his rise to power, as he combats the rest of the cast of Gotham’s supervillains to claim his place of power and respect among the criminal underworld.

Batman Arkham Knight Bruce Wayne 100% Completion True Ending Joker

Not to disappoint long-time fans of the Arkham series, there could also be scenes and missions where the Joker fights against Batman, but the game would still focus more around the Joker’s rise to power than on his classic rivalry with Batman. Since the Joker doesn’t follow the same code of ethics as the Batman, it will also be interesting to see how far Rocksteady would venture into the realm of Joker’s sociopathic darkness. That could mean anything from just killing people instead of knocking them out to torturing them with strange Joker inventions and gadgets.

Speaking of Joker inventions and gadgets, that would be another awesome aspect of Joker: The Clown Prince of Gotham. One of the most enjoyable features of Batman: Arkham Knight, as well as the previous games in the series, are the gadgets. Throughout the games, although we have seen some new gadgets here and there, it’s hard to stray from some of the classics such as the Batarang or Batclaw. Creating a story around Joker opens doorways to just about any gadget within the realm of human imagination and still have it make sense for the maniacal clown to use so long as they throw a comical spin on it.

We have a taste of what the Joker’s weapons might be from a couple places in Batman: Arkham Knight. One is from the Harley Quinn DLC mission where we can get idea about how the clown team crafts gadgets from the ones that she uses. The other is from the lockup at GCPD where we can see some of both Joker and Harley Quinn’s weapons. Rather than freeze bombs, the Joker might throw chattering teeth grenades. He could have custard pies filled with explosive gel, a tie that shoots out poisonous/knockout gas, a propellor hat that actually lets Joker fly or glide around, and so much more.

What do you think about Joker: The Clown Prince of Gotham? Wishing you could play it as badly as we could? Have some ideas or improvements of your own? Type out your thoughts on the matter and submit them as comments. We want to know what you’re thinking.

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