Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler Missions Guide –How to Beat The Crushonator

For this challenge, the Riddler will want to test your skills with the Batmobile yet again. That’s right. It’s another of his wacky Riddler racetrack challenges. While these can be annoying for some players, they can also be loads of fun once you gain enough experience in the Batmobile to maneuver it around properly.

This Riddler racetrack challenge is more difficult than the first but don’t worry, we’ll guide you through to victory.

As the race begins, you immediately must activate a Riddler blockage into order to progress past the first wall. Once you do, you’re going to loop around a series of three curves and walls. At the end of each curve, you will need to activate a Riddler blockade to lift the wall and proceed.

Next, you’ll pass some Riddler crush panels that drop down from the ceiling. Navigate around them or time your passage under them well enough so that you don’t get crushed.

Now you’l find yourself amongst another maze of blockades, similar to the first section of the race. Curve around the turns and  when you find yourself up against a wall, remember to activate the Riddler blockage to proceed.

This will bring you to another section of Riddler crush panels. Once again, either navigate around them or time your passage under them well enough so that you don’t get crushed.

From here until the end of the race, the challenges will transition back and forth a couple times between dodging Riddler crush panels and activating Riddler blockades around curves.

In the second and third laps of this race, the circuit will remain the same but the amount of obstacles will increase as the amount of space the Riddler leaves you to drive upon will decrease.

Remember your fundamentals and you’ll do just fine. Watch for the green lights on the floor so that you know where the Riddler crush panels will drop. Remember to activate the Riddler blockades before you come to a wall.

If you’re having trouble at first, this one is about practice. If you lose a round, you’ll be able to retry. Once you’ve memorized the circuit, you’ll be on your way to victory.

When you successfully complete the Riddler’s race, the Riddler will present you of yet another aerial diagram of the room Catwoman is in which is now filled with cabinets and keys.

Once you recognize the shape from above, it should be easy to match up Catwoman with the green highlighted cabinet that contains the key that won’t blow her head off.

Did you enjoy this side-quest? Getting tired of the Riddler’s racetracks? Let us know in the comments section below!

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