Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler Missions Guide – How to Beat Mental Blocked

In Batman: Arkham Knight, with both the Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight taking over the city of Gotham, the Riddler is invigorated by the mayhem and refuses to take a place on the sidelines amidst the action. But, while the other villains are obsessed with destroying the entire population, Nigma’s challenges are specifically geared towards antagonizing Batman.

In the Riddler’s first challenge, you must complete 3 circuits of an underground racetrack that the Riddler has filled with obstacles and traps. If you fail a lap, you don’t worry because you’ll only need to start that lap from the beginning, not the whole race. To make the race a bit more difficult, you will also need to complete the challenge in the allotted time. The first time around, the player is given 1 minute and 20 seconds to complete the circuit. As the race begins, you realize you’ll need to remove the Riddler’s barriers as you come across them by pressing the indicated button.

Soon, you come to a fork in the road, at which you can choose to go either way. For the sake of this guide, just go to the left. Drive along the wall to avoid the hole in the floor and proceed. You will come to an area that forces you to drive straight off a platform, launching yourself into the air. Before you do this, make sure you activate the next Riddler platform so that you will have somewhere to land. Now, make sure you’ve kept your momentum going because you’ll need to drive up the wall ahead of you and then across it sideways.

Batman Arkham Knight Most Wanted Riddler Challenge Mental Blocked

If you don’t have enough momentum then you will fall and be reset minus the time it took to do so. Once you’ve crossed that gap, you’ll encounter another one. This time, you’ll need to activate the Riddler ramp and then as it boosts you into the air, you will need to activate the next Riddler platform. But remember to time it right because activating one deactivates the other. A few more feet and you’ll pass over the finish line, completing the first round. Two more to go but each round is harder than the last.

Now you should have a general idea of how to handle the Riddler’s obstacles and traps. As you begin the race, handle them accordingly, passing over the water and through the tunnel until you get to the fork in the road. This time you are forced to take the path on the right. Be careful, when you enter, stay to the left against the wall across the first platform and then immediately transition to the right against the wall for the next platform.

Once again you’ll come to an area that forces you to drive straight off a platform, launching yourself into the air. Before you do this, make sure you activate the next Riddler platform so that you will have somewhere to land. In order to drive across the wall, you’ll need to remove a Riddler blockade this time. Then the last part is the same, just proceed across the finish line and start the last circuit.

This time around there are more Riddler blockades but you handle them the exact same way. Just get your timing down right. However when you reach the fork, you are now forced to go the left. More of the floor will be missing this time but the strategy is the same. Drive along the wall to avoid falling or if you time it right, you can even be a badass and make a complete circle around the tunnel.

Now the rest of the race should be completely familiar. The only difficulty is properly timing the activation of the Riddler platforms and ramps but there’s no trick for that, it’s just a matter of skill and practice.

Cross the finish line and you’ll have completed the challenge and earned The Road to Hell trophy.

If you’d also like to watch a video walkthrough just to make absolutely doubly sure you’e doing everything right, check out the one below from Youtube user PowerPyx:

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