Batman Arkham Knight (Video): Lex Luthor Gives Bruce Wayne A Phone Call

If you read were paying close attention, you might have noticed that within the first few minutes of the game, Rocksteady Studios already made an allusion to Superman’s Lex Luthor.

This has some fans wondering whether or not this means that Superman or Lex Luthor themselves might end up being either playable or able to be encountered as NPCs in future Batman: Arkham Knight DLC packages, however, at this time, that’s all just speculation.

What we can say for sure though is that the inclusion of one of LexCorp’s subsidiary companies in the game’s opening scene is not the only Lex Luthor easter egg in the Batman: Arkham Knight game.

After the player gains access to Wayne Tower, Batman can play the messages on his answering machine there to hear who’s been trying to contact Bruce Wayne while he’s been out galavanting and doling out vigilante justice around Gotham.

Here’s a video of the scene from Batman: Arkham Knight as well as a text transcription below in case you’d rather read than watch or had trouble hearing:

“Mr. Wayne.

Lex Luthor calling.

Apologies for going by your direct line but I grow tired of these games.

Lex Corp has made a very generous offer for Wayne Tech’s applied sciences division.

Yet you’re persistent unavailability is beginning to look less likely a busy schedule and more like deliberately antagonistic behavior.

Come now, meet with me. I’m sure we can come to an agreement.

A man of your refined taste doesn’t need an applied sciences division after all. He needs another billion dollars.”

At first, it’s surprising to hear a call from Lex Luthor, but if you think for a moment, it actually makes a lot of sense that Lex Luthor would be in a relatively similar sphere of wealth, class, politics, and social influence as the infamous billionaire playboy Mr. Bruce Wayne.

And with all the gadgets and and technology produced by Wayne Tech, it’s no wonder that LexCorp is trying to wrap it’s tentacles around the applied sciences division.

Are you enjoying Batman: Arkham Knight so far? Have you found any other interesting easter eggs? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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