Batman: Arkham Knight – Ending Explained for 100% Knightfall Completion (Major Spoilers)

Batman: Arkham Knight’s Secret Ending

Batman Arkham Knight Bruce Wayne 100% Completion True Ending

If you’ve seen the Batman: Arkham Knight 100% completion true ending, then there’s a good chance that your mind is still spinning around in circles searching for something concrete to latch onto. Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

This game’s ending, as well as its storyline, is more convoluted than one of the Riddler’s challenges. Except, when you begin a Riddler challenge, at least you know it has a definitive correct answer or solution. This is not the case with the Batman: Arkham Knight 100% completion true ending.

In fact, there’s a good chance that the reason it’s hard to understand what happened in theBatman: Arkham Knight ending is that Rocksteady doesn’t want us to understand. We know that Rocksteady Studios intends for Batman: Arkham Knight to be the last installment in the Arkham trilogy. As a way of leaving fans always craving more and asking questions, it’s probable that the game’s ending is intentionally ambiguous.

Before we branch out too far into the many possibilities than can follow from this line of thought, let’s take a look at the ending piece by piece within the context of Batman: Arkham Knight’s storyline, starting with the regular game ending and then continuing on to the secrets.


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