Curtis Hayes – A Poem by Ian Lepkowsky

Curtis Hayes

I once knew a kid; he went by the name of Curtis Hayes
Curtis had the looks and so Curtis got all the babes
Curtis hit the books and so Curtis got straight A’s
Curtis was an athlete and so Curtis made the plays
“He’s a kid that has it all” is what everyone would say
And he could have had it all if he hadn’t lost his way
It took just one fateful night to never see another day
It was the night of the big game and Curtis made the winning play
Curtis was feeling pretty giddy so he made his way to a party
He was looking really fly and he was wearing Ed Hardy
As he showed up to the house of his good friend Marty
He walked right through the door and started drinking Bacardi
Curtis kept on drinking; he was a party machine
He perceived it as a norm, just the life of a teen
But his perception was off like trying to see through a screen
The Alcohol took over and he thought it a dream
He wanted to leave and so he put down his glass
Stuck his keys in the ignition and stepped on the gas
Then he veered off the road and he ploughed through the grass
The beginning of the ride that would soon be his last
He went straight through the forest, straight into a tree
Finally reaching the end of his dangerous spree
As the roots left the ground and the tree could fall free
He was trapped in his car, unable to flee
He couldn’t leave yet; he had something to tell
Something important that caused him to dwell
Briefly postponing his journey to hell
A word of wisdom in his final farewell
When the ambulance arrived he told the EMT
Don’t even try, there’s no point, you can see
But I can still do some good so just listen to me
And listen he did to the sad testimony
“Please pass on these words to the ears of my mother
Tell her I care and tell her I love her
The same to my father but there’s more for my brother
For he is the one I that I failed like no other
Bret I’m sorry, I know, I really messed up
I lost my focus and I did some bad stuff
I felt insecure and I tried to act tough
I should have known that myself was enough
But I want you to know, and I want you to be great
Care for yourself and you can avoid my fate
Don’t be pressured don’t fall for the bait
Live to inspire and live to create”
Those were the last words he said, and they ring in my head yet
They’ve more than once saved me from something I’d regret
You’ve really helped to guide me and I will never forget
So Rest In Peace Curtis, and Thank You, Love Bret
– Bret Hayes

Please Drink Responsibly

Ian Lepkowsky

Ian is a passionate writer searching for personal transformation through unconditional self expression. He's also a philosopher, artist, and creator that's interested in video games and food and stuff.

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