Destiny TTK: Path of the Bladedancer and Gunslinger Hunter Subclass Quest Guide

For each class, there are now two subclass specific quests that will grant guardians a new class item upon completion. The class items have a defense value of 220, which should be an improvement upon the gear you already have if you complete this quest soon after beginning Destiny: The Taken King.

If you’re trying to raise your light level, which you’ll want to do if you’re planning on completing the nightfall, the weekly, raids, the Prison of Elders, or just about any end-game content, then it would be a good idea to complete these quests and equip the new class item you’ll unlock. The only catch is that you need to make sure that your guardian is level 40 in order for you to be able to equip these items.

These items probably won’t last you forever, but the will boost you into a realm where it is possible and more feasible to unlock better gear through completing higher level strikes, missions, and quests. The Hunter actually has a bit of an easier path than the Titans and Warlock do, but we’ll give you some tips to speed up the process all the same. Everyone needs help sometimes and we’re happy to be of service.

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