Destiny (Video): An Entire Trials of Osiris Team Is Demolished With One Snipe

The best Trials of Osiris teams communicate about every detail. They plan out which guns to select so that they will compliment one another. They become familiar with the Trials of Osiris map of that week and plot out where the best locations to gain the advantage on the other team are. They relay every piece of live action that occurs during the firefight such as letting teammates know when an enemy has been downed, when a revive is needed, what direction the enemy is heading in, etc.

Normally, a match cannot be won without this SWAT team type level of seek and destroy tactics. However, there are rare occasions when the stars align in just the right way, and for a moment, communication fades into the background, and a light from the heavens shines down upon one glorious player. The eye of Osiris gazes down upon the guardian and bestows the warrior with incredible accuracy, strength, skill, and most importantly, luck. If you’ve never seen a moment like this, don’t be surprised. They’re rare. But fortunately, we’ve found a beautiful example to show you.

Wow. That may have been the best sniper shot that anyone has ever fired in Destiny. Or is it? What did you think of this Destiny Trials of Osiris video? Blown away? Share your thoughts in the comments. Have you made more impressive shots? If you have a clip, be sure to link us to it as well.

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