Destiny’s Lord Shaxx Makes an Appearance on Pornhub – SFW

In an unexpected occurrence, one of the most well known porn sites and one of the most popular massive multiplayer online video games have crossed worlds. Specifically, in the Pornhub comments section, there has been a sighting of none other than Destiny’s own Crucible Handle.

As far as we know, the Lord Shaxx on Pornhub has no affiliation or connection with Destiny,  Bungie, or Activision. However, the profile picture for the account is a picture of Destiny’s Lord Shaxx. The quote from the Pornhub comments section “You obliterated them. Love it,” is what we hear Lord Shaxx say when the mercy rule takes effect during a Crucible match. And the about me section of the Lord Shaxx Pornhub profile page reads, “A veteran of the Crucible, Lord Shaxx both arms and oversees those who seek to forge themselves within it.”

It appears as though what we’ve stumbled upon is a parody account. Though one can never be entirely certain. We do know that one of Lord Shaxx’s responsibilities as Crucible Handler is to oversee the matches and announce the action. It’s possible that Lord Shaxx is just looking to make some extra money on the side and thought he’d give announcing porn a try. It’s unconventional but if anyone can make it work it’s Lord Shaxx.

The folks over on Destiny’s Reddit page seem to be in full support of Lord Shaxx’s new found career opportunity. In the comments on the Lord Shaxx Pornhub post, redditors are already re-imagining Lord Shaxx’s signature lines in a sexual context. Depending on your perspective and on the individual comment, these lines are probably either hysterically funny or disturbingly gross.

If you want to see how far people go with these comments, you’re welcome to check it out for yourself on the Reddit page. But for now, we’re sure you can imagine the direction it goes from here.

While seeing a video game character on a porn site is unexpected, it’s not unheard of. If you’re interested in more video game and porn crossovers, check out some of the articles below.

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