Done with Fools – A Poem by Ian Lepkowsky

Done with Fools

I feel like I am missin out
Maybe cause I’m trippin out
My mind is filled with so much doubt
Almost makes me want to shout
Do they like me? Do they care?
Who is here? Will they be there?
When I need them, when I’m down
To make me happy, turn my frown
Do they use me? Is it more?
Are they dolls? Or maybe whores?
These my guys? These my bros?
Are these friends? Or maybe foes?
Who is real? Who can I trust?
What is left? When the dust?
Clears away, no more clouds
No more masks, no more shrouds
Only me and Only you
The time is here, What will you do?
We both know, you gotta choose
Your outta time so make a move
No more playin, no more games
No more guises, only names
This is Now, This is real
Yes or No, No making deals
Say you’re friend, Say you ain’t
Say you’re Devil, Say you’re saint
Don’t give a damn, won’t lose my cool
I’m sorry but I’m done with fools

Ian Lepkowsky

Ian is a passionate writer searching for personal transformation through unconditional self expression. He's also a philosopher, artist, and creator that's interested in video games and food and stuff.

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