Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7: The Broken Man Recap and Reaction

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The Hound

The Hound has been found within the first few moments of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7: The Broken Man. The Hound, Sandor Clegane, was presumed to be dead after losing a battle with Brienne of Tarth and being abandoned by his once campanion Arya Stark after she denies his request to mercifully end his suffering.

However, as with many other popular shows such as The Walking Dead,  when we don’t see the death on screen there’s always the chance that the character survived and that was once again the case with The Hound. Apparently, he was found by a wandering group of the Faith of the Seven worshippers.

The group is led by the septon Brother Ray, played by Ian McShane, whose appearance is short lived. In his time alive on screen, Brother Ray re-enforces the goodness within The Hound that began to emerge during his voyage with Arya Stark. The Hound seems to consider this possibility of soul redemption.

Then, the group is accosted by a few members of The Brotherhood Without Banners and The Hound suggests killing them to protect the group but Brother Ray advises against violence and condemns it. Unfortunately for him, this does not work out in his favor as only a few scenes later, The Hound finds him and the rest of the group slain by the Brotherhood Without Banners men that they refused to engage in violence against.  

It will be interesting to see how this turn of events affects The Hounds character. Will Brother Ray’s death go to show The Hound that goodness is pointless and only leads to death? Or did Brother Ray’s message of redemption get through to Sandor, The Hound, Clegane, in a way that will make him use his powers of brutal violence for the greater good instead of an individual’s evil plots. Only time will tell what this broken man will decide.


Margaery Tyrell and The High Sparrow

Last episode, it was difficult to believe that Margaery Tyrell had truly converted to the Faith of the Seven despite her spectacularly convincing performance that appears to have swayed the High Sparrow in her favor. In this episode we hear Margaery speaking to the High Sparrow of how the poor used to disgust her but that she is learning to let love for them into heart.

An odd detail is that Margaery no longer wishes to copulate with Tommen, saying she has lost her desires in her conversion to the Faith of the Seven, but the High Sparrow reminds her that it is a Queen’s duty to have sex with the King and provide heirs. He reminds her that for a woman, it is not necessary to be sexually aroused but only for her to be patient and take it. Yes, another rape reference from Game of Thrones but at this point it should come as no shock.

The High Sparrow threatens Olenna’s life for her insurrection against the church while urging Margaery to convert her to the Faith of the Seven as her only chance of survival and forgiveness. When Margaery speaks with Olenna, she remains steadfast in her role as a devoted member of the Faith of the Seven, urging that Loras confess his sins as his only salvation.

Olenna is outraged until we see Margaery pass her a note without the Faith of the Seven attendant being able to see. Finally, our gut feeling that Margaery has not been truthful to the High Sparrow and is secretly plotting against him has evidently been confirmed. The note contains the insignia of House Tyrell, which can only be seen as an affirmation from Margaery that she is still loyal to her house and her family despite the charade she is putting on for the High Sparrow. We can’t wait to see how Margaery’s betrayal will play out.  

We should also note that Cersei later attempts to team up with Olenna to overthrow the High Sparrow but she is denied as Olenna harshly reminds her of the hatred the Tyrells have for Cersei’s wicked deeds and the fact that the Faith of the Seven rising to power in the first place is Cersei’s own fault.


Jon Snow, Sansa, and The Wildlings

After literally dying for the Wildlings, Jon is able to convince them to risk their lives for him and fight alongside him in his battle to take back the North and prepare for the White Walker invasion.

Jon then proceeds to travel to House Mormont to ask for their soldiers and allegiance. It’s a tough sell, but everyone’s new favorite little Lady, Lyanna Mormont, the Lady of Bear Island, agrees to spare 62 men.

From there, Jon Snow continues on to ask Lord Glover for help but is coldly denied despite his arguments to protest, reminding Jon Snow of Robb Starks failures and how the Starks will never be trusted or served by them again.


Jaime Lannister and The Blackfish

It’s Jamie Lannister’s job to take back Riverrun from the Blackfish but he isn’t having much success in his task. First, he arrives to see a disorganized group of Frey soldiers make a false threat to kill Edmure Stark if the Blackfish doesn’t surrender and then fail to follow through when the Blackfish boldly tells them to go ahead and kill him.

Jamie then attempts to parlay with the Blackfish but is shut down fast as the Blackfish explains to Jamie that the castle has enough provisions for two years and they are prepared to fight that length of time without surrender or compromise.


Yara and Theon Greyjoy

Yara and Theon find themselves in a brothel which the castrated Theon cannot enjoy as he worries about the imminent threat of his uncle Euron Greyjoy hunting them. Yara brushes off his concerns reminding him that he is Theon Greyjoy not Reek and gives him the ultimatum of either returning to his old self or committing suicide.

Yara proposes that she and Theon sail to Mereen to make a pact with Danaerys and take back what’s theirs from their uncle Euron Greyjoy. Theon agrees to become himself again but it’s a shoddy plan and as of now it’s just the two of them so we’ll see what happens with that.


Arya Stark

This episode saves the best scene for last. While this episode’s ending is not long, it was the most impactful portion of the show. At first, we see Arya secure passage to Westeros. It appears as though she is going to escape Braavos unscathed but of course it’s too good to be true.

As Arya stands unguarded in the middle of a bridge, she is attacked by an old woman that turns out to be the waif just using a face. Arya is savagely stabbed in the stomach before she rolls off the bridge into the water and attempts to flee to safety.

Arya emerges from the water holding her bleeding stomach as she walks through the city disoriented. People stare at her with dismay and disgust as we can only imagine she is desperately hoping one of these people will help her.

It looks bad for Arya but did this all just happen too fast and too easily? Arya was fleeing the cult of the Many-Faced God. Surely she would have known that there would be repercussions, right? Surely she would have known that the waif who hated her with a passion would come after her to kill her, right? Surely she would have known that Jaqen would not tolerate this second instance of her disobedience and betrayal and would come for her face as he promised, right?

So then why for any reason would Arya just have been standing there on the bridge unprotected and unaware as though she were going for a walk through the park on a cool spring day? If Arya knew the danger that pursued her, then the second that old woman “randomly” spoke to her then she should have been on her guard. She knows that the disciples of the Many-Faced God could appear as anyone, anywhere, at any time. We hope that there’s more to this scene as much as it seems that there should be. But one again, we’ll just have to wait to see.

Next week’s Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 is titled “No One.” Surely it won’t be long before we have a better and fuller understanding of whatever just happened with Arya Stark.  

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