Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Recap (Video)

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

(Text of Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Recap Video)

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My Name is Ian Lepkowsky and I’m here to recap Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 in 5 minutes or less. Shall we begin?

The episode begins with Arya posing as Walder Frey, who we saw her kill at the end of Season 6. She uses her mastery of disguises to take out the entire Frey family at once with a ripe batch of poisoned wine. She takes no credit and leaves behind only the message that, “The North Remembers.”

As we see White Walker Giants for the first time, we’re reminded that the White Walker army increases in size and power with every battle as the dead join their ranks.

Bran finally arrives at the wall with his new status of Three Eyed Raven.  His intention being to use his newfound knowledge and connections to the Universe to combat the the Night King’s Army of the Dead.

While Jon Snow is devising methods of future strategy in anticipation of the awaited White Walkers, Sansa takes an opportunity to question and confront him publicly in front of all the noble families that support them.

Jon’s word is final but Sansa is dissatisfied. She seeks revenge on their enemies which is no surprise seeing as how she is now supporting Cersei’s old hairdo in this scene. Sansa also talks about how she learned a great deal from Cersei after explaining how Cersei always finds a way to destroy those who have crossed her. We’ll have to wait and see what this will mean for her character.

Moving on to the next sibling rivalry, Jaime and Cersei aren’t getting along either. They’re struggling to stay a happy family as Jaime mentions its hard to do so with dead parents, dead children, dead allies, and a treasonous brother helping to lead Daenerys’ charge against them.

In an effort to find friends when the Lannisters have next to none, Cersei entertains a marriage proposal from Enron Greyjoy who comes with 1,000 valuable warships and one more hand than her former lover. It isn’t enough for her to accept and Euron leaves, promising he will return with a priceless gift that will sweeten the deal.

While Sam Tarly is cooking and cleaning poop slop for a living and sneaking into the restricted library like Harry Potter at night he discovers that there is a mountain of Dragonglass underneath the castle at Dragonstone. He writes a letter to pass this info on to Jon Snow as Dragonglass is what Jon is searching for to forge weapons against the dead.

Lord Baelish makes an appearance to remind us that he’s still around trying to bang Sansa but is dismissed for the time being.

Arya runs into Ed Sheeran who happens to be a Game of Thrones Bard as she makes her way to King’s Landing to kill Cersei.

As the Hound and his group find shelter, the Hound seems to be overcome with guilt as he remembers previously leaving the father and daughter that lived there to die after robbing them.

The Hound questions the meaning of Life and the Will of the Gods as realizes he cannot deny the divine implications of the miracle of resurrection that he saw performed with his own eyes.

Still skeptical though, the Hounds mind is not solidified until he stared into the fire and sees his own visions of the approaching White Walker army suggesting that perhaps the Lord of Light’s purpose for him in life has something to do with that.

Showing a change in his personality from the earlier seasons of the show, the Hound buries the father and the daughter. The scene echoes the sentiment from last season that Clegane still has the opportunity to use his life to help more than he’s harmed.

As the episode draws to a close, we see Jorah asking ask Sam Tarly about the rumors of her arrival from his cell in the Citadel. It’s apparent that his Gray Scale has continued to develop as it entirely covers the arm he stretches through the bars of his cell.

Lastly, Daenerys finally ends her  series long voyage with her long-awaited arrival to the realm of the Seven Kingdoms. She finds herself on the shores of Dragonstone with Tyrion, Varys, Missandei, and her Dragons.

As she stands proud in the castle, she utters the words we’re all wondering, “Shall we begin?”


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