Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 The Queen’s Justice Recap (Video)

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 The Queen’s Justice Recap

(Text of Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Recap Video)

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My name is Ian Lepkowsky and I’m here to recap Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3, The Queen’s Justice in 5 minutes or less.

The episode begins with Jon Snow instantaneously arriving on the shores of Dragonstone. Last week’s episode he leaves. This week’s episode he arrives. The show’s pace has certainly increased as we edge closer towards a series finale.

As Jon approaches the castle, boldly boasting, “I’m not a Stark,” to Tyrion’s jeers about Stark’s having bad luck traveling South, a Dragon Simultaneous swoops within feet of Jon’s head. This is probably the producer’s way of screaming at us that Jon is  actually a Targaryen but we’ll see. If you haven’t yet heard the Jon Snow Targaryen theory you can read up on it after this video by clicking the link to our article below.

The scene cuts to Melisandre and Varys watching Jon’s arrival on the cliffs above. She explains that she’s done her job now that she’s brought Ice and Fire together. However, she seems to foreshadow that before the series is over, she’ll find a way to die in Westeros, and oh, so will Varys.

In the Dragonstone Throne room Missandei introduces Daenerys with her 189 titles and Davos introduces Jon with his one. As conversation begins, Jon and Daenerys have an uncomfortable clashing of minds as opposed to a raunchy clashing of bodies as we had hoped. But perhaps this is just the foreplay. Daenerys won’t bend her will to acnowledge the White Walker invasion and Jon won’t bend his knee to the Targaryen Queen but maybe he’ll yet find a way to bend her body over a table to create a song of Ice and Fire.

Theon Greyjoy is rescued by his Ironborne brethren who, in classic Ironborne style, shame him for being a pitiful, weak, coward that obviously made no attempt at saving his sister Yara from Euron’s clutches. 

At King’s Landing, Euron marches through the streets of King’s Landing, prisoners Ellaria Sands and Yara Greyjoy in tow, as he presents them both as gifts to Queen Cersei. Pleased with his delivery, Cersei agrees to wed Euron if he is able to end the war with a declaration of victory for the throne. Emboldened by his newly received praise, Euron taunts Jaime, asking him if Cersei enjoys a thumb in the bum when being fucked.

In the dungeons, Cersei stands proudly before Ellaria to deliver her vengeance with the utmost poetic Justice. Cersei kills Ellarias daughter in the exact same way that Ellaria killed her daughter: with a kiss of poison called The Long Night. She then leaves  Ellaria to watch her daughter suffer and die in the same way that Jaime suffers the loss of his and Cersei’s daughter. This is the Queen’s Justice.

Cersei meets with an Iron Banker who informs her that she has no money left to wage or win a war. However she reminds him that Lannisters always pay their debts and expecting a Dothraki to do the same would be the equivalent of expecting a Dog to buy you a steak because you gave him a bone. The Banker realizes this and agrees to support Cersei.

At Dragonstone, Jon is throwing a temper tantrum about Daenerys’ disregard for and disbelief of the Night King’s White Walker Army of the Dead. However, Tyrion is there to remind him that it’s easier to ask for permission to mine Dragon glass than it is to ask for support to fight an unknown and unseen enemy.

At Winterfell, Sansa is in charge and she’s a natural leader. She’s gained wisdom through her betrayal, pain, and suffering. Lord Baelish is there to cheer her on as he’s still spitting his game in the hopes of getting some.

Unexpectedly, Bran arrives at Winterfell and Sansa is brought to tears whil Bran maintains a stoic look of, “I’m the Three Eyed Raven now so I no longer give a fuck.” Clearly, he needs to use his magical powers to help Jon Snow defeat the White Walkers but it will have to wait for his return from Dragonstone.

This week, we have a lack of viscerally disgusting visuals from Sam Tarly’s scene, which is a relief on one hand, but almost a disappointment on the other hand since we were basically expecting it. Maybe they’ll surprise us and bring it back next week. But essentially Sam has cured Jorah and despite the old grouchy maester realizing this, there is neither a reward nor punishment for his deed.

Tyrion plans the siege on Casterly Rock, believing that he will have the advantage due to knowledge of a secret sewer tunnel that he himself built long ago for the purpose of sneaking whores into Casterly Rock. At first, he seems to be right however after Grey Worm takes the castle, he realizes that there are not nearly enough troops there to compose the whole of the Lannister army.

Surprisingly, the sewer plan was a shitty plan.

Yupp. It’s a trap. Euron burns his ships and we see Jamie with the real bulk of the Lannister army at High Garden. In his logic, the best defense in this scenario is a powerful offense. So he sacrifices Casrerly Rock for the time bing in order to bring death to Olenna Tyrell. 

Avoiding gore, Jamie has prepared a painless poison for Olenna to drink in her wine. She willingly drinks it, accepting defeat. However, in true badass fashion, for which Olenna Tyrell has come to be known and loved, she spends her last few moments claiming emotional vengeance while she informs Jamie that it was her that was responsible for poisoning Geoffrey.

She tells him to pass the message along to Cersei and surprisingly, he walks out of the room, leaving her to die, as opposed to rescinding the kind sentiment of a painless poison by driving his dagger through her throat as she painfully chokes to death, regurgitating her own blood.

Jamie Lannister. What a Gentleman.

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