MGSV:The Phantom Pain – How to Get the Silly Chicken Hat

If you were paying attention to Metal Gear Solid V news back in December 2014, you may remember that during a live stream that Hideo Kojima was broadcasting for fans, he chose to reveal a special in-game item with exceptional powers: the chicken hat.

While the chicken hat looks silly and at first glance might just appear to be a joke, the chicken hat is actually a super useful item in the game that might just make it worth unlocking. Ironically, while the chicken hat should obviously make you stick out like a sore thumb (or like an adult soldier wearing a chicken hat in a combat scenario), wearing the chicken hat actually makes you invisible to guards for up to three encounters. With each encounter, a feather flies off the hat, counting down how many uses you have left. Not only that, but wearing the hat in general should also lower the difficulty level of the enemies that you encounter while wearing it.

If you want to unlock the chicken hat, it’s easy. It can be turned on and off in the options menu. Alternatively, if you find yourself dying over and over again repeatedly within a mission, this should also unlock the chicken hat for you to use as you see fit. While it might not be the proudest way to accomplish your objectives and complete the level, if you’re ever truly stuck within the game and are unable to progress, don’t be afraid to slip on your chicken hat and breeze right by your enemies unnoticed.

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