Overwatch – How To Run On Walls With Genji (Video)

Overwatch Genji Feature Imaged Credit: Overwatch Screenshot By Dan Sellers

If you play Overwatch, you’ve probably noticed players running on walls with Genji. We would not be surprised if you tried to run on walls with Genji yourself but could not figure it out.  Overwatch gives very brief descriptions of Genji’s abilities and lacks tutorials for his moves. Perhaps you managed to figure out the basics of climbing a wall but we bet you don’t know the full limits or intricacies of Genji’s wall run mechanic. Here we will break down how to run on walls as Genji and some ways to combo it so that you can be the ultimate parkour ninja.  You can also check out our tutorial on our Youtube channel here or below.


For starters if you look at Genji’s abilities his passive ability “cyber-agility” says to use whatever button you have programmed for jumping (default “spacebar” on computer, “a” on Xbone, “x” on ps4) to “climb on walls and double jump”.  This is a pretty poor description.  We will clarify.

If you want to run on walls with Genji press and hold the button for jump while running forward into a wall. If you want to “double jump” press the jump button twice.

Now to maximize these in combo, you can double jump onto a wall, and then press and hold the button for jump to climb the wall, then press jump again to jump a third time.

Then if you still haven’t gotten to where you’d like to go you may use your “swift strike” ability to propel yourself further. If you target and make it to a ledge with that “swift strike” press jump again and you will climb up the edge continuing your flow.

As soon as your feet hit the ground your jumps will reset(double check this) and you can repeat that aerial combo.

Run on walls with Genji to traverse the map and get behind the enemy team to flank them. Kill those pesky Bastions and Torbjorn turrets with your deflect. Climb up behind those Widow makers and Hanzos and save your time from being sniped.  Just be careful, being airborn can make you an easy target.

Lastly, there’s a special way to run on walls with Genji but you must be playing Overwatch with a mouse (sorry controller players). On a mouse you will be able to do an “extended wall run”. You will be able to do seemingly infinite jumps up a wall.

Go to the control settings and  program your alternate setting for jump to the “mouse wheel scroll up”. Then just slowly roll the wheel forward while moving forward into a wall, every tick of the wheel jumps. If you roll the wheel too fast it doesn’t work and instead will just do one or two jumps. Try practicing with the training mode and you will master it.

When you master the “infinite wall run” you can combo it with the regular wall run(you’ll need to use “spacebar”), then jump off after, and “swift strike” to climb insanely high.  You can also try alternating between spacebar and mouse wheel but it’s tricky, easiest to start with the mouse wheel then switch to spacebar.

That’s what we’ve learned about Genji’s passive Cyber Agility mechanic.

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