PAIN – A Poem by Ian Lepkowsky


Torn away from the depths of a dream
Awaken to see my own heart ripped out and laid at my feet
My Brother is holding the carving knife
Ready to divide me out and feed me to the Jackals
There is no remorse. There is no regret.
I smell the scent of acid as I watch my skin erode
All that is left is my bones and they are broken
I cannot move. I cannot talk. There is nothing.
I am surprised more than hurt
Even though the pain is like that I have never felt
I saw this coming but I never could have been prepared
My body is numb yet my mind is more active than ever
I wish it were the other way around
My body has never known the suffering my mind must endure
I want it to end. I can’t take it. It’s too much…
But it doesn’t stop. It is always there. It doesn’t know how to leave.
I can no longer stand. I start to fall backwards.
Who is there to catch me but the ones that caused me to fall
All of them are wearing smiles as if they were masks
They fail to hide anything; I can see everything through their eyes
Maybe they should have worn sunglasses too
Maybe I should have opened my eyes sooner
Sure, Ignorance is bliss but how long can that really last?
Eventually reality will come crashing down…
to take everything you thought you had
My emotions are ripped from my soul…
as if they were never mine.
There is only one that remains

Ian Lepkowsky

Ian is a passionate writer searching for personal transformation through unconditional self expression. He's also a philosopher, artist, and creator that's interested in video games and food and stuff.

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