Pornhub’s April Fool’s Joke Is Really Corny – SFW

April Fool’s day is upon us again and as is the tradition, the internet has run amok with savage pranks and hysterical practical jokes. Gmail has already tried and failed to get a laugh with its “Drop the mic” prank. And all over the world, Facebook news feeds are filling up with April Fool’s statuses about false pregnancies, breakups, emergencies, and videos and memes showcasing rampant buffoonery. Amidst all this debauchery, Pornhub is not one to be left out.

Typically the well known porn website, Pornhub, takes notice of the holidays by changing the theme on its homepage to reflect the spirit of the season as well as featuring videos that mockingly do the same. We also saw Pornhub react to the release of the video game Dying Light by adding zombie advertisements to the sidebar of the page which in retrospect, was probably not the best combination. We’ve also seen Destiny’s Lord Shaxx hanging around the site and making comments along with Fallout 4’s Preston Garvey.

This year, Pornhub decided to participate in the April Fool’s fun in a rather “corny” way. If you happened to have visited the site for yourself before reading this far into the article, then you probably already know what we mean. But for those of you who haven’t, and may not be able to risk checking a porn site right now, we appreciate your patience.

Here is a safe for work (SFW) version of Pornhub’s April Fool’s day home page:

pornhub logo April fool's cornhub

Sorry. We know it was figuratively corny to refer to a joke that is literally about corn as being corny. But can you blame us? The temptation was too great. No mortal could have resisted the urge to make this punny joke. Get it? Cause it’s a pun… Okay we’ll stop now.

What do you think of Pornhub’s April Fool’s gag? Scared that there was no more porn when you first checked the site? Think that the joke can’t get any butter (omg we can’t stop)?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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