Retail – A Poem by Ian Lepkowsky


Fuck You!

Is what I wish I could say when it’s appropriate

Which is often

Forgive me, I work with people

They’re abusive

Not all of them
Enough of them

I smile and make them feel special

They are not special
I am not special

I despise the fact that I’m not successful
I want to be happier and richer
I don’t want to work here

My value as a person is higher than what I’m paid as a foot soldier

No one notices
No one cares

I am paid to make people feel good so I do
It doesn’t require me to feel good

I’m fucking good at my job
It doesn’t matter that I hate it

The abuse doesn’t bother me

Life in the service industry
Life in general
Has eroded me

I have low expectations of people
Yet I’lll never stop wishing they were better

Thus, I am incessantly infuriated

It’s an uncomfortable duality

To accept things are the way that they are
To still be wounded by the way that they aren’t


I’ve got to believe that this is only a pit stop for me

Where I am now is not where I will always be

Where I am now is where I am meant to be now

And where I will be then is where I will be meant to be then

It’s not always easy to see or understand

I’ll continue to believe
That for those who work hard especially
The Universe unfolds exactly as it should

Ian Lepkowsky

Ian is a passionate writer searching for personal transformation through unconditional self expression. He's also a philosopher, artist, and creator that's interested in video games and food and stuff.

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