Here Are the Top 6 Best Games from PAX Prime 2015


While Rise of The Tomb Raider was not one of the most player-interactive previews that we experienced at PAX Prime 2015, it was still no doubt one of the best. The demo showcases the beauty of the cinematic cutscenes that we will see in the game. From the deeply intricate ancient ruins to the perfect balance and use of light and shadows to the way that the dust particles scatter into the air when debris crashes into the ground,  the game is a visual masterpiece.

The mechanics in the game were simple and easy to play. While the demo was not focused upon combat, there was one shoot-out within the demo that gave us a chance to check out Lara Croft’s gun mechanics. To our delight, they felt standard and were easy to handle. While gunplay will not be the star of the show in Rise of The Tomb Raider, it’s good to know that a weird combat dynamic isn’t going to overcomplicate a game that is meant to focus more on the treasure hunter gameplay of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

In the role of explorer and adventurer, we were pleased with our experience, taking note that although the riddles in the demo were intentionally simple to allow for many people to easily play through, we are promised that we will see more intricate levels in the game. Overall, the demo teased us in just the right way and we are eager to see more from this game.

Ian Lepkowsky

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