Top 10 Best Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts!

Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts

The Internet’s Best Stranger Things Toys for Christmas and Holiday Gifts!



 Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts

1. The Stranger Things Christmas Lights Sweater – Buy It Now in Gray! or Buy It Now in Black!

These Strangers Things  Christmas sweaters come in your preference of either black or gray. They’re perfect for an ugly sweater party or just celebrating the Christmas season with this throwback to the first season of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts

2. The Dustin Funko Pop Vinyl Figure – Buy It Now!

Dustin is the ladies’ man of Hawkins Middle School, or at least he’s doing the best he can to flaunt his charm. This figurine perfectly captures his cuteness.



Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts

3. The Funko Pop! Eleven Keychain w/ Eggo Waffle – Buy It Now!


Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts

The Funko Pop! Eleven Vinyl Figure w/ Eggo Waffle – Buy It Now!

You can’t go wrong with either the Eleven Funk Pop! Keychain or the Eleven Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure. In each version, she is carrying her signature favorite snack, an Eggo waffle. I doubt anyone can make her “Leggo her Eggo.”



Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts

4. The Stranger Things Charm Bracelet w/ 10 Unique Charms –Buy It Now!

This Stranger Things charm bracelet is ideal for fans that enjoy each iconic element of the show from the camera Jonathan uses to spy into Nancy’s window, to the bat Steve Harrington uses to fight the Demogorgons, to the Hathchet that Will’s Mom uses in her home and several others!



Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts


5. Hasbro’s Official Stranger Things Monopoly Game – Buy It Now!

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things that enjoys Monopoly then this crossover set is the right Christmas or holiday gift for you! Experience the familiar gameplay of Monopoly with the novelty of a Stranger Things theme.

Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts

6. The Funko Pop! Demogorgon Vinyl Figure – Buy It Now!

There’s always going to be a fan who’s rooting for the bad guy. With the Demogorgon looking so cool and yet so cute in this Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure it’s hard to blame anyone for wanting this little monster to survive and thrive!



Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts

7. The Strangers Things 4 Piece Button Set – Buy It Now!

If you’re looking for an accessory that you can move from your favorite hat, to your favorite bag, to your favorite jeans, and more then look no further! This 4 piece Stranger Things button set provides a variety of images to celebrate your fandom of the series in style.




Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts

8. The Stranger Things Demogorgon Pendant Necklace  – Buy It Now!

Unleash your dark side and open up a portal to the Upside Down with this Stranger Things Demogorgon pendant necklace. It’s geeky yet fashionable with its intricate design and silvery shine.


Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts

9. The Hasbro Stranger Things Eggo Card Game – Buy It Now!

“Play as your favorite characters from the hit NETFLIX Series STRANGER THINGS with the STRANGER THINGS: EGGO CARD GAME! To begin, players choose to play as Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Eleven, Hopper, or Barb and draw four EGGO cards with a variety of suspenseful outcomes. Cards can either send a player’s character to the UPSIDE DOWN, make an opponent draw 2, reverse the order of play, summon the DEMOGORGON, or cause a rift that sends everyone who was RIGHT SIDE Up to the UPSIDE DOWN, and vice versa! To win and escape the UPSIDE DOWN, get rid of all your EGGO cards before the DEMOGORGON attacks or be toast! Game includes 106 EGGO-shaped game cards and 7 character cards.” – Hasbro



Stranger Things Christmas and Holiday Gifts

10. Your Own Dungeon! Fantasy Board Game – Buy It Now!

“A family classic- updated for the next generation of board game players! Dungeon!, the time-tested family board game of fantasy adventure has been redesigned with a new look that’s sure to stand out on your shelves. This latest version is set to appeal to long-time D&D fans and reach an audience of new players. Players choose to adventure as a Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, or Wizard searching for lost treasure in a dungeon filled with monsters. The rules are easy to learn and play is fast-paced. The goal is to be the first player to collect enough treasure and escape the dungeon!” – Amazon




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