AC: Syndicate – Associate Rewards List and How to Level Up Loyalty


Ned Wynert

In order to increase your loyalty level with Ned Wynert, you’ll need to participate in these associate activites: Boat Raids, Smuggler’s Boat, Cargo Hijack, which you can find on your map after meeting Ned. There are 20 of these missions, each providing 500 influence. There are also 20 Train Raids which seem to appear at random, each of which provides 250 influence. You’ll need the rewards from the first three levels for crafting other items. And the last two level rewards are pretty sweet too.

Level 1

Influence Needed: 1000

Level Reward: Fire Opal

Level 2

Influence Needed: 3000

Level Reward: Golden Obsidian

Level 3

Influence Needed: 6000

Level Reward: Black Diamond

Level 4

Influence Needed: 10000

Level Reward: Serrated Death Kukri

Level 5

Influence Needed: 15000

Level Reward: The Mars Firearm

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