Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler Missions Guide – How to Beat Condamned

For this Batman: Arkham Knight  Riddler challenge, the Riddler will want to test your skills in the Batmobile once again. That’s right, it’s another wacky Riddler Racetrack challenge. While Batman is definitely over these by now, a hero must do what a hero must do to save those in danger. Let’s just do this race and take another step forwards towards saving her life.

Since you need to complete the previous races to reach this point, by now you should be expecting a few things. Well, that might not be the best idea. For the first two laps, it’s more or less business as usual where we swerve around obstacles and activate Riddler blockades. But be warned, the third lap of this circuit is like nothing you have ever seen before.

The Riddler can no longer stand idly by and watch Batman succeed. He will take control of all the courses traps, disabling your use of the Riddler blockade activation, forcing you to avoid every single danger on the course as opposed to having any element of your own control. It’s a game changer for sure but Batman can handle it.

In fact, in your first two laps, you’ll want to try your best to swerve around every trap that you can to prepare yourself for the last round of this Riddler circuit. You will still need to activate some Riddle blockades in the first two laps, but we’ll let you know which ones.

As you begin the race, activate the red Riddler blockade in front of you as well as the blue Riddler blockade to the left of you and proceed forwards through the opening. You’ll see some spinning spike pillars. This is a good opportunity to practice your swerving. Dodge around these death traps and proceed forward. You’ll curve left and begin to drive horizontally across a wall with two Riddler blockades. First a blue one. Then a red one.

At the end of this path is a wall of three more blue spinning blade pillars that you’ll need to disperse by activating a the Riddler blockade. After that there will be some more Riddler pillars you can disperse by activating the Riddler blockade, but for these, you can also use this as an opportunity to practice swerving around them.

At the end of this path, the Riddler takes you horizontally across the wall again as you’re presented with a long series of walls that you will need to activate the Riddler blockades to pass through. Once you get by all of those, you have completed the first lap of the race.

The second lap starts off easy again. Activate two Riddler blockade walls in a row and proceed forward. Swerve around the Riddler death pillars. Activate the Riddler blockades when you cross the wall horizontally also remembering the Riddler pillar at the end. You’ll see a wall of another three pillars after that but be careful because you can only activate the Riddler blockade for the middle pillar and you’ll need to be careful not to hit the sides.

After that, swerve around another Riddler pillar maze and avoid the long string of them on the left side of the road. Then just activate the last pillar wall followed by the rest of the Riddler blockade walls as you travel across the second wall horizontally and cross the finish line.

Batman Ark ham Knight Most Wanted Riddler Revenge Mission Challenges Condamned

Now you’re on the last lap. This is the moment for which we’ve all been waiting. The Riddler is furious now and he’s decided to take all control away from you. He’s controlling the mechanisms now as you can see from the fact that they’re all highlighted in classic Riddler green. Once you begin this lap, head through the passage on the right, being careful to time your movement so that you are not crushed by the dropping ceiling block.

Then immediately cut across to your left, swerving around the Riddler pillars, and again being careful not to get crushed by the dropping ceiling block. Swerve around a long onslaught of Riddler pillars in front of you and proceed horizontally across the wall. Now that there are no Riddler blockades to activate, drive up above the first wall and then immediately down beneath the second wall. Make sure you’ve got some momentum going as you fly off the ledge because you will need to clear a wall of Riddler pillars.

Once you land, you’ll need to swerve past another patch of dispersed Riddler death pillars followed by a long line of them on your right side. Get past them and you’re almost finished. Now you’ll be approaching the horizontal driving portion of the race. It’s lined with dropping Riddler crushing blocks that you can attempt to time your passage under, but they are probably easier to just swerve around.

Once you’re past those, that’s it. You’ve done it. You’ve completed the Riddler’s last racetrack circuit. Now it’s time for you to check out the aerial map of the room Catwoman is in now and have her claim the key from the green cabinet. Riddler isn’t happy about this, but he knows he has to follow the rules he set. Catwoman is now free. Free to take the Riddler’s Final Exam.

This course is pretty tricky so you might also want to watch this video from Youtube user PowerPyx in addition to reading over these tips a couple times before you give it an actual drive around:

Did you enjoy this side-quest? Relieved to be done with these wacky Riddler racetrack challenges? Sad that there’s only a Final Exam left for you to take? Let us know in the comments section below!

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