Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler Missions Guide – How to Beat Drain Pain

For this Batman: Arkham Knight  Riddler, challenge, the Riddler will want to test your skills in the sewers. He’s aggravated this time, calling you a cheat and a liar playing with expensive toys. But he’ll still give you a riddle to get you started. He asks, “What do Bats do when they’re at home?” The unstated answer is that they hang down from the ceiling, which is exactly the information you need to begin.

Once the Riddler has lowered the bars in front of you, turn the Batmobile around, fire the power winch at the hook hanging above you, and begin dropping your hanging Batmobile downwards into the Riddler’s drain pit. Once you’ve dropped as far below as you can, rotate the wall to the left until your Batmobile is in the reserved parking space. Then exit the Batmobile and glide into the open tunnel that is now across from you to activate the Riddler Button and drain some of the water.

The Riddler talks about how easy it would be for him to kill you with these challenges and he’s right. But that’s not his intention. So let’s keep this moving. Get back in the Batmobile, drive over to the area marked 2, attach yourself to the winch and drop down into the pit. One again, spin the wall until you’re in the reserved parking spot, blast out the fragile wall that covers the tunnel you need to enter, and then glide across straight into it to activate the second Riddler button. This will also activate some robots but just beat them into explosion and get out of there.

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Return to the Batmobile but before you pull yourself up and drive over to the section marked with a 3, make sure to spin the wall back into place as far as it can go in the opposite direction of where you had it. Once that’s taken care of, you can repeat the lowering into the Riddler pit and aligning with the reserved spot process. Eject from the Batmobile and glide your way into the third tunnel to activate the third Riddler button.

Be careful on your way back. There will now be two automated sentry turrets mounted at the entrance to the tunnel which you are currently standing inside. Activate the Batmobile remotely to take them out so that you’ll be able to leave the tunnel safely. On your way out, you should also notice that all of the water has now been drained, reveling a central platform with a final Riddler button. Of course you’re going to activate it.

When you do, remember to look directly upwards towards the ceiling to find the aerial diagram of the room Catwoman is in with all of the cabinets and keys. By now you should now the drill for this part. Figure out which cabinet has the key that won’t blow off Catwoman’s head and select it. Congrats! You’ve completed this Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler mission.

Did you enjoy this side-quest? Relieved that Riddler only wants to toy with Batman and not kill him? Tired of being toyed with? Let us know in the comments section below!

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