Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide – How to Catch The Man-Bat In Creature Of The Night

Batman: Arkham Knight is filled with side-missions, one of which is the Creature Of The Night mission in which you must track down a man-bat that is a little bit bigger than Batman. This thing is terrifying, especially considering that the Creature Of The Night mission starts with a man-bat jump scare when you grapple to the top of a building after reaching Miagani Island.

Once you’ve encountered this beast, he will fly away. Now comes the fun part. You need to catch him. To make the chase easier, it helps to turn on your detective vision so that you can keep track of the man-bat as he weaves in and out of buildings.

In order to catch him, you must position yourself above him at a higher elevation and then dive down from the sky, landing directly on top of him.

Batman Arkham Knight Man-Bat Creature Of The Night Most Wanted Mission

You don’t need to hit him exactly since the cutscene will begin a couple of seconds before Batman actually collides with the man-bat. However it is important that you get as close as you possibly can, otherwise you may miss your target.

If done correctly, you will now have the man-bat’s blood sample at the end of the cutscene. Alfred analyzes the sample and finds a partial match to the DNA of a Dr. Kirk Langstrom, leading you to his basement laboratory in Chinatown. It’s time for you to head on over there to find out just how this monstrosity was created.

In the lab, you find out that apparently the good doctor and his wife thought they were going to cure human deafness by splicing his genes with a vampire bat. Instead, he turned into a man-bat and slaughtered his wife instantly. From the data in the lab, Batman is able to engage in a mini-game you must complete to create a clean DNA sample by reaching 100%. Now all you need to do is make the man-bat take his medicine.

Batman Arkham Knight Man-Bat Creature Of The Night Most Wanted Mission

This is the hard part. In order to find the man-bat, you must glide around the city in your detective mode, listening for its screeches as well as audio scanner reports from those who have seen the beast. Once you have located the man-bat for a second time, just take him down again the same way you did the first time.

Batman will begin to administer the cure but the man-bat will break free and escape before he can finish. Track down and catch the man-bat for a third time to complete the process.

Once the cure has been delivered into the man-bat’s bloodstream, he will begin to transform back into Dr. Kirk Langstrom as Batman takes him in to the GCPD. Eventually, Dr. Langstrom comes to, realizes that he has murdered his wife, and has a complete mental breakdown.

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Mission completed. Did you enjoy this side-quest line? Or was the tale of Dr. Kirk Langstrom just too tragic? Let us know your reaction in the comments section below.

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