Bloodborne’s Tragic Djura the Hunter and Old Yharnam Backstory Explained

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

As you play throughout Bloodborne, you will come across various side quests and NPCs that add layers of depth to the game’s mysterious storyline. One of these optional digressions from the mainline is making a visit to Old Yharnam.

Before entering Old Yharnam, the player must first pass a door with a sign on it which reads, “This town is long abandoned. Hunters not wanted here.” As the Hunter ignores the warning and proceeds forward, a voice can be heard issuing a warning.

It says, “You there, Hunter. Didn’t you see the warning? Turn back at once. Old Yharnam, burned and abandoned by men, is now home only to Beasts. They are of no harm to those above. Turn back… or the Hunter will face the hunt…” This voice, who cares so passionately for the beasts, belongs to an old Hunter named Djura.

To understood who Djura is, we must look to the past of Old Yharnam. The first useful piece of information on Old Yharnam comes from the antidote description which reads, “Small medicinal tablets that counteract poison. Used to treat ashen blood, the baffling sickness that ravaged Old Yharnam long ago. These tablets only provide short-term relief. The ashen blood ailment eventually triggered the spread of the beastly scourge.”

With the beastly scourge came the formation of the Hunters and the Hunter’s Workshop. Old Yharnam was the first city to face the hunt. During this time, when the Hunters were still experimenting with and perfecting their techniques, weapons, styles, and gear, a faction arose within the Workshop called the Powder Kegs.

The Powder Keg Hunter Badge item description reads, “Badge crafted by the Powder Kegs, the heretics of the Workshop. The Powder Kegs adoration of complex design and big booms culminated in weapon designs that contrast with those traditionally of the Workshop. The late Powder Kegs, bless their souls, had a motto: If a weapon ain’t got kick, it just ain’t worth it.”

Bloodborne Cannon

Djura was an associate of the Powder Kegs. We know this from the description of the stake driver he carries, which reads, “A trick weapon fashioned by the Workshop heretics, the Powder Kegs. Favored by the retired Hunter Djura. The stake driver, with its queerly complex design, violently drives thick stakes into the flesh of foes. The stake driver allows for high-damage critical attacks, but is difficult to use and leaves its wielder wide open, but none of this should bother a mere Powder Keg.”

But why does Djura stand watch over Old Yharnam and protect the beats? The answer lies in the Powder Kegs are responsible for doing to the city of Old Yharnam and its citizens. It is not entirely clear to what extent Djura participated in the events, but it is clear that Djura is bound by a profound feeling of guilt. Within Old Yharnam, the player finds a note which reads, “The red moon hangs low, and beasts rule the streets. Are we left no other choice, than to burn it all to cinders?”

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