Check Out These 9 Incredible Lego Destiny Weapon Creations

While the Gjallahorn is reputedly the game’s most powerful rocket launcher and hence many players’ favorite weapon, it is far from the only Lego Destiny weapon creation mastered by Zazi Nombies. Since the original Gjallahorn post in February, Zazi Nombies has spent his time continuing to create Lego Destiny masterpieces as well as other Lego creations that are worth taking a look at.

Zazi Nombies must certainly be a busy individual. But he has so far found the time to produce a total of 9 Lego Destiny creations. For many Destiny fans, this will not be enough. Especially with the recent House of Wolves DLC release, players are sure to be finding new favorites that they would love to see in Lego form.

Zazi Nombies is pretty receptive to comments so if you think there’s a Destiny weapon you know that you’d love to see as a Lego, you should take the time to reach out to him. While making Lego creations might be a fun hobby for Zazi Nombies, there is so much more potential to his creativity than just doing these projects for the entertainment value.

In the past, Lego has merged worlds with many popular icons such as, The Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Spiderman, a wide range of other Marvel and DC characters, and more. If Lego were to team up with Zazi Nombies to turn his Lego Destinycreations into marketable products, you can bet that there will be a market for them. But it’s not just about the money.

Many players would love to be able to build and then hold their favorite Destiny weapons in their hands. Not to mention all the possibilities it would open up for cosplays. As a starting point for thinking of what House of Wolves exotics you might want to see as Legos, check out these other 8 Lego Destiny weapon creations that Zazi Nombies has already completed.


Ice Breaker

Pocket Infinity



Red Death

Vex Mythoclast 

The Last Word

What do you think of these Lego Destiny creations? Tell us how you feel about them in the comments.

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