Check Out This Epic Cleric Beast and Eileen The Crow vs. Father Gascoigne and 3 Hunters Bloodborne Battle

To get some help taking down Cleric Beast, it is possible to use the beckoning bell to summon another player or even multiple players into the game. This is the standard mechanic for any boss fight. However, what’s unique about this particular boss fight is that in additional to summoning other players, you can also summon Father Gascoigne if you ring the beckoning bell in the right location.

While some players have already discovered this little secret, many have yet to try it out for themselves, and others are still finding out. But one player was way ahead of all that to the point of boredom. This player wasn’t entertained by just being able to summon Father Gascoigne into the game. No, that wouldn’t have been enough excitement.

What about two players? Sure, why not, but still not enough for this Hunter. To spice things up just a little bit more, this Hunter also aggravated Eileen the Crow into a chase all the way back to the Cleric Beast battle. So to be clear, this fight is Cleric Beast and Eileen The Crow vs. Father Gascoigne, and 3 Hunter players. You need to see it for yourself:

Wow. A thank you goes out to Youtube user legendsofevil for sharing this awesome Bloodborne battle with us. If you enjoyed watching this video, you should try re-creating it for yourself. Apparently, it’s also possible to summon Alfred for the Cleric Beast battleinstead of Father Gascognee. If you try out either or just enjoyed the video, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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