Clarity Ab Chao – A Poem by Ian Lepkowsky

Clarity Ab Chao

Never before in my life have I been in the presence of such a tremendous expression Rebellion and Freedom. An Energy of life. An Energy of self-determination. A force driving to Impose its will to the greatest extent. However Psychotic and Belligerent it may be.

Chaos can be Beautiful if you have the strength to Endure its madness without becoming consumed. To walk placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. To keep your wits when all about you are losing theirs. To in one way, become completely detached from the world around you, and in another, become deeply connected to the world inside of you.

The world that matters most. The world that is exclusively yours and no one else’s but at the same time is Collectively shared.

A door can be a wall and a wall can be a door.

Each Person has a Different Perspective.

There are No Identical Identities.

The world may be divided into many individual nations but we must not forget that we are still one whole planet. From the one come many. A single Source. From the Source we all came and to the Source we shall all one day Return.

Instead of assuming that People Will not Understand, assume that they will, and seek to find agreement.

Believe that Peace is Not only an Option but a Necessity.

People starve in a world that provides enough fruit to nourish them. We are a species that is actively destroying its own habitat.


We are a World Society Divided against itself. We Consciously and Intentionally seek to Destroy each other. For the sake of Profit. For the sake of Power. For the sake of Imposing One’s Will Against the will of Others.

Look to the Horizon. Look as far Ahead of you as you possibly can. Look at the Signs along the way to see if you are Headed in the right Direction.

Where are you going? Where do you Want to go? Where are you going?

But it is Not only where You are going. It is where We are going. For we are all Traveling Together. All of us Breathing the same Air.

All of us United, by that if by nothing else.

But of course that is not the case. All of us are United by the Eternal Force that Created us. The Force that Connects all of us on a plain of Existence penetrating the Subliminal.

When we were Children it was easier to Remember where we came form. Our Origin.

The effulgent Light that Emanates from the Eyes of a child is the Essence of Life at its Purest in human form. It is the Essence of Life that is Aware of Itself in its Entirety. And yet seems Blind.

It is that which we Truly Are before we become Absorbed by the Illusion that Surrounds us.

Focus Inward.










Realize that when you truly know yourself, you will know that there is no division between the self and the other.


Ian Lepkowsky

Ian is a passionate writer searching for personal transformation through unconditional self expression. He's also a philosopher, artist, and creator that's interested in video games and food and stuff.

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