Destiny: The Taken King How to – Boost to Level 25 with a Spark of Light

First, you’ll need to create your character, which means selecting a class in addition to choosing a few facial and racial features. After that, you’ll want to proceed to the Tower and find the Postmaster. From the center of the Tower where your guardian spawns in, the Postmaster is on the side of the building that is on your left side. Unless you’re experiencing some sort of glitch, it should have a spark of light for you, which is the item that will boost your guardian to level 25.

If you’re curious as to how you can jump to level 25 without having any equipment, then that’s some clever thinking. You’re right. You can’t jump in naked, no matter what level you are. Your guardian needs equipment. Along with the level 25 boost, your guardian will receive appropriately leveled weapons and armor as well as other gear such as a sparrow vehicle, a ghost shell, and a class item. At your new level, with your new gear, your’re all set to start the Destiny: The Taken King content right away and without delay.

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