Destiny: The Taken King How to – Unlock and Beat the Sunless Cell Strike


If you haven’t quite unlocked the “A Sunless Cell” strike but are wondering how everyone is getting that demonic looking Hive Darkblade Helm, then it’s a good thing you found this guide. While it’s not a guarantee, there’s a chance that this awesome Titan helmet will drop for you from this mission.

If the Nightfall happens to be the “A Sunless Cell” strike for the week then you’ll also have a chance to unlock a version of this helmet with a higher level defense, and the same goes for the highest level weekly strike playlist.

To start, you’ll need to finish the majority of the Destiny: The Taken King story content. Play all the way through to the “Regicide” mission and slay Oryx. Don’t worry. We’ll see him again in the King’s Fall raid. After that, keep going a little bit. Unlock the Dreadnaught for patrol, which you do by completing the Cayde-6 quest called “Dread Patrol.”

Once you have access to the Dreadnaught, you’ll soon be able to embark on the quest that sends you into the “A Sunless Cell” strike. Apparently, the sunless cell is some sort of Hive prison cell that completely obscures the enemy known as the Darkblade, Alak-Hul from all light. After rebelling against Oryx in defiance, Alak-Hul was sentenced to confinement in this sunless cell and now it’s our job as Guardians to kill him.

Let’s go after him.

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