Destiny (Video): Dancing With Skolas In The Prison of Elders

In the Prison of Elders, the toughest challenge a guardian can engage is the level 35 difficulty battle arena, Skolas’s Revenge. While the best Destiny players are already complaining that the game is too easy, the majority of players end up struggling through the Skolas’s Revenge challenge.

In fact, according to the Bungie Weekly Update, the new patch being released aims to make the fight a bit easier:

 “If you’re finding fugitive Skolas a little frustrating, you’re not alone. Some tweaks to the Level 35 Challenge encounter are in testing and on the way, primed for deployment in Destiny Hot Fix”

“In summary: Skolas is about to get a shorter life sentence. To ensure that he’ll still have a fighting chance, there will be some more skulls for you to juggle. Your battle with the final boss changes next week. Get in there are tell us what you think.”

Since these changes do not kick in until next week, for the next few days, Skolas’s Revenge will still be the difficult version that Bungie has been hearing players complain about. Until then, there’s no way to make Skolas’s Revenge any easier, but there is a way to make it funnier.

Recently, Youtube user winter eve uploaded a Destiny video clip in which a glitch allows a Warlock to dance with Skolas in the Prison of Elders capsule-opening cutscene.

The video’s description reads:

“As we defeated the giant eyeball before reaching skolas, skipswithwolves ended up pressing the trigger button with his rocket launcher still up and killed himself. As we wait to revive him i look for heavy. We get sent back to airlock with him stuck outside. We assumed the round would revive him but nope. He uses his self res and as hes running back to airlock a dome closes in on him and when he looks around he starts screaming that skolas is behind him so he starts dancing. Hes like i wonder if ill show up in the cut scene. As i run out..he sure as hell did lol”

Check it out for yourself:

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