Fallout 4 Survival Mode SPECIAL and Perks Recommendation

Fallout 4 Featured Image Credit: Fallout 4 Screenshot by Dan Sellers

Fallout 4 – 1.5 update went public for Fallout 4 players on consoles, having been out on PC for Steam last month. With the 1.5 update we now have a true Survival mode which makes the extremely difficult.  It is definitely not for the faint of heart.  Survival mode turns the game into a hardcore challenge, a true survivalist role-playing experience.  

To help new players, I’ve shared my personal suggestions for the best perks and the SPECIAL load-out. While this may not be the perfect load out for every player, I believe that it’s a great place for players who are new to survival mode to begin. How you allocate Strength, Perception, and Agility are the least important decisions so feel free to experiment more with those. We’ll start with the recommended load out below and from there I will explain my rationale on the most important perks and stats to choose.

Surviving Survival Mode Recommended SPECIAL points:

S = 1

P = 1

E = 7

C = 6

I = 10

A = 1

L = 2


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