The Game of Thrones Jon Snow Targaryen Theory Explained

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Targaryen Theory Featured Image Credit: GoldDerby via HBO

After Jon Snow’s resurrection, we wondered why it seemed so predictable. While there are several possible factors, one of the most interesting explanations is a theory that suggests that Jon Snow cannot die yet within this story because he is the “prince who was promised” whose legend is the “song of ice and fire.” In other words, he’s too important too kill. The theory begins with attempting to answer the question of who Jon Snow’s parents actually are, and whether or not Eddard/Ned Stark is even one of them.

Given Eddard Stark’s impeccable reputation for being an honorable man it is hard for many fans to believe that he cheated on his wife and fathered a bastard son. The idea if this is true is that Ned is pretending to be the father to protect someone. But we can’t be certain.

Up until now, there have been three popular theories about who Jon Snow’s parents might be. While they are all hinted at throughout the books, we’d like to thank “Maester Luwin on the “A Song of Fire and Ice FAQ” for helping to pinpoint the exact passages that help piece together the puzzle.

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