Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8: No One Recap

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Arya Stark

After being stabbed repeatedly by the Waif, Arya escapes to safety and seeks shelter and protection from Lady Crane, whose life she just recently saved.

Unfortunately for Lady Crane, the Waif kills her for assisting Arya. The pursuit continues until Arya is backed into the small dark room in which she hid herself and Needle, her sword.

Despite Arya’s severe injuries and previous lack of skill in combat against the Waif, she finds the courage to fight for her life. She unleashes her signature technique of slicing a candle in half to force them to fight in the dark and without us seeing the epic battle, the Waif is slain.

Arya hangs her face on the wall, squaring off her debt with Jaqen. He finally bestows upon Arya the title of no one and and she finally tells him that she is not no one, she is Arya Stark of Winterfell and she is going home.

Despite the fact that Arya completely went against everything he said, Jaqen ends the scene with what seems to be a smirk of approval, as though this was actually his true plan all along, but who knows.


The Hound

Recovering emotionally from the recent deaths of his newfound friends, the Hound tracks down the villains responsible for their murders and engages in their cathartic slaughter.

The Hound searches for the rest of this group who claimed to be a part of the Brotherhood without Banners and finds that the true Brotherhood without Banners is about to hang the men for bringing shame to their name with their dishonorable misdeeds.

The Hound reunites with Beric Dondarion and Thoros of Myr and explains why he’s there. Realizing that they both want to kill the men before them, the Hound barters for the right to personally hang at least two of them and the group agrees. Before the scene closes out, the Hound is once again reminded that even with his violent nature, he may still have a chance to do more good than harm in this world.



Tyrion bids farewell to Varys who is embarking on a mission to acquire friends and information as is and has been his primary role in the Game of Thrones realm.

Meanwhile, we see Tyrion try to find peace in the results of his diplomatic endeavors, but it is to no avail. His treaty or political agreement with the masters was ignored, which we know because the masters are now attacking the city.

But have no fear, for Daenerys has returned with a Dothraki army and a newfound sense of power and conquest after having slain their leaders with an unexpected bath of fire and death. Tyrion has had his time playing politics but it seems time for Daenarys to fix things the only way she knows how – conquering and death.



Cersei continues to be harassed by the faith militant. The High Septon commands her presence but she refuses to leave the Red Keep. When threatened, she chooses violence and has the Mountain rip off a guy’s face to prove a point to the High Sparrow’s disciples.

Shortly after, Cersei finds herself on the receiving end of a royal announcement, of which she had not been informed or consulted about. Unfortunately for her, Tommen’s idea of justice is siding entirely with the High Sparrow and so he decrees that trial by combat will no longer be an acceptable means of resolution.

Of course, Cersei’s only hope was to choose trial by combat and rely on the Mountain to ensure her victory. Now, she is condemned to whatever decision is reached at the end of her trial, and we know as she does that  it does not look good for her at all. Will Cersei take this in stride or will she fix things the only way she knows how – with conquering and violence? We shall see.


Jaime and Brienne

Brienne speaks to Jaime in hopes that she can effect a peaceful resolution to the current standoff at Riverrun between Jaime and the Blackfish. She tries to return the sword, Oathkeeper, which Jaime lent her for the task of rescuing Sansa Stark, but Jaime tells her that the this precious, valuable, Valyrian sword is hers and that it always will be.

We are left to wonder, was that a friendly gesture or a romantic one?  Jaime’s main action will always be his sister but we can’t deny the sparks flying between him and Brienne.

Jaime gives Brienne a chance to convince the Blackfish to surrender but the two acknowledge that if she fails they may be forced to fight against one another.

However, the stubborn Blackfish will not surrender.

Jamie realizes that he needs more leverage and finds it in Lord Edmure. After a heated exchange in which Edmure attempts to stand up for his honor and dignity, Jaime reminds him that without his compliance, he will capture Edmure’s son and use a catapult to splatter his tiny body against the castle walls. Of course, this forces Edmure’s obedience

Under duress, Edmure, the rightful Lord of Riverrun, who still holds the loyalty of the Tully troops, convinces them to lay down their arms and open the gates despite vicious protest from the Blackfish.  

The Blackfish, as stubborn as ever, refuses to surrender but dies in battle attempting to stand his ground. As the scene closes out, Jaime sees Brienne escaping down the river with Podrick. If he wanted to he could pursue her but he chooses not to. Despite the fact that they may be fighting for opposing sides, he chooses to grant her safe passage as a symbol of their friendship.

Jaime and Brienne both acknowledge this gesture with a wave but only time will tell if this friendship will last or merely result in bloodshed and betrayal.

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