9 Overwatch Tips for Beginners to Get Good

Overwatch Feature Image Credit: PlayOverwatch.com Screenshot by Dan Sellers

Overwatch Tips #1: Have Patience

The first tip for our Overwatch beginner is to have patience. While this game does not have a story mode or a system of leveling up individual characters, the myriad combinations of all the different characters’ roles and abilities creates complexity within this multiplayer only based game.

If this isn’t your first MOBA, then you probably already know that it takes time to learn all the ins and outs of the game. It’s possible that one could jump right in, pick a random character, and naturally exhibit the skills of a master.

But for most people, taking a step into this type of game means you’ll need to spend a considerable portion of time just learning about its details before you can play at a level where you dare call yourself “good.”

Overwatch has quite a bit of nuance and in a game there is a lot going on. It can be overwhelming and a lot to learn.  Knowing a few key details can be the difference between a noob/beginner, an average player, and a pro.  We’ve compiled a list of quick tips for beginners that we believe will help improve everyone’s skill and therefore enjoyment of Overwatch.

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