Pokemon Go: How to Save Battery Life and Keep On Playing

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Pokemon Go is now life for the majority of the generations that grew up playing Pokemon for Gameboy and watching the Pokemon television series. However, Pokemon Go is not life for your phone’s battery. To the contrary, playing Pokemon Go means a quick and painful death for your phone’s battery life. Luckily, there are some ways to address this problem.

The Pokemon Go Battery Saver In-Game Features

Pokemon Go Battery Saver Battery Life

The first solution is within the game itself. Once you are looking at the Pokemon Go main screen, where you can see your avatar on the map, click on the Poké Ball at the bottom of the screen. This will bring you to the Pokemon Go options menu. In the top right hand corner of this screen, click on the button that says “Settings” next to the gear icon.

Pokemon Go Battery Saver Battery Life

Lo and behold, there is a Pokemon Go Battery Saver setting. The Battery Saver is the 4th selection in the Settings menu after Music, Sound Effects, and Vibration. You must check the box next to the Battery Saver text to activate this setting.

Pokemon Go Battery Saver Battery Life

While you’re in the settings menu you can feel free to turn off Music and Sound Effects. If you’re looking at your phone you can also turn off vibration but you might want to keep that on for the time’s when you don’t see the Pokemon right away and the vibration is what reminds you to look around. But that’s not all.

While it is not well explained anywhere within the Pokemon Go game itself, the Pokemon Go Battery Saver works by shifting your screen from the vibrant and colorful map to a dimly lit screen that simply says Pokemon Go whenever your phone is either upside down or when the top half of your phone dips below a 180 degree horizontal. When you walk, your phone will still vibrate when a Pokemon appears so you can simply pick it up and start playing to catch it. This way, you can keep your phone in your pocket while still playing the game.

Pokemon Go Battery Saver Battery Life

If you close out the app and then re-open, the Pokemon Go Battery Saver should still remain active. But if the servers go down, it is possible that Battery Saver mode will disconnect and you will need to turn it back on. In any case, if your phone no longer shifts to the dim screen while you’re playing and your phone is pointed downwards then just remember to go back into the Settings menu and check it off again.

One caution against using the Pokemon Go Battery Saver is that we’ve heard reports of the app crashing more frequently when it is on and the player switches to another app and back or to the phone’s lock screen and back. So if you’re going to use it, it might be a good idea to turn the auto-lock on your phone off and to make sure you stay in that app only.

Use Your Phone’s Built In Battery Saver Features

Pokemon Go Battery Saver Battery Life

We’re not going to go through the exact steps for each individual type of phone a person could possibly have. But if your phone has a battery saver mode or low power mode, turning it on will allow you play for an extended period of time. In addition to this, there are usually a couple of other phone settings you can tweak to save battery life.

Lower your brightness as much as you can handle. Turn off background app refresh and location services for all of the other apps on your phone. If you’re playing while walking around, turn off your phone’s wi-fi. While moving from place to place, your phone will not possibly be able to maintain a consistent wi-fi connection so it does not make any sense for it to waste battery life constantly looking for it.

Turn off Bluetooth. If you’re running an internet browser app, making sure you haven’t accidentally opened endless new tabs for each search you’re performing. People often don’t realize how that can impact a phone’s battery life. Lastly, the augmented reality feature, while awesome, puts an extra strain on your battery. It’s enough that your phone is multitasking between gaming and GPS without the additional juice required to run the camera. But if it’s to cool to turn off and you’d rather play less than play without it, we totally understand.

Seek External Power Sources

Pokemon Go Battery Saver Battery Life

The last solution to improving your battery life for Pokemon Go is buying an external battery or battery case. If you’re going with this route, an external battery case,such as a Mophie case for iPhone 6/6s, for iPhone 6 Plus/ 6s Plus, Galaxy S7, etc, will often get you some extra time.

But if you really want to extend your play, the best option would be to purchase a large external battery. The company Mophie makes an 8x external battery that provides 15,000 mAh which is 8 times the charge of an average phone battery.

If you’re looking for something that fits better in your pocket, Mophie also makes a 5x external battery that provides 10,000 mAh which is 5 times the charge of an average phone battery. If that’s still too big, they also have a 3x external battery, a 2x external battery, and a 1x external battery.

Last but not least, the Pokemon Go Plus physical wristband is also supposed to help save battery life for your phone while playing the game. It costs an extra $35 but it’s cheaper than an external battery or battery case and it will alert you when you walk past a nearby Pokemon without having to constantly have your phone out.

Can you think of any other methods of how to save battery life for Pokemon Go? If you do, be sure to let us know in the comments below and we’ll be happy to share those tips as well.

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