Redditor Controls GTA V Cell Phone With Actual iPhone

GTA V players who are familiar with the iphone or android application ifruit for apple, are aware that this GTA V companion app does not offer an extensive  enhancement to gameplay. It’s a fun little app, but it’s limited.  It allows for players to indulge in a mini-game with chop and customize cars, which both have affects in the game world, but it doesn’t allow for real time interactivity with the main character.

For Reddit user planetleak, this was not an acceptable limitation. Gifted with technological knowledge and prowess, planetleak decided to create an app that makes it possible to use an actual iphone to control the character’s in-game cell phone. In other words, planetleak can essentially call the characters from the game,  answer their incoming calls,  check progress or settings, or use any of the phone’s other function, all from an ordinary iphone.

Before you get too excited and start looking for a place to download this app, be warned that it isn’t available in the app store. While it would be cool if this were the click, download, and enjoy type of app, it’s a bit more complex than that and involves the use of an Arduino webserver. If that doesn’t deter you, feel free to check out the reddit page where planetleak describes the process.

Planetleak also demonstrates the mod in use. Check it out below:

In the description for the Youtube video, planetleak extends an open invitation to the general public to lend a helping hand in making it more readily available for people to use. There is even mention of uploading the cell phone application to the app store if only some kind stranger would assist in the programming. If you think you’d be able to make that dream a reality, please reach out to planetleak.  We want to try this app

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