Significant – A Poem by Ian Lepkowsky


Millions of ants marching in different directions toward the same destination
Knowing absolutely nothing of their upcoming cremation
Walking without stopping facing death for hesitation
There is no way to escape, no route of evacuation
A sick Boy sits atop a hill with a glass of magnification
For his cruelty, there is only one explanation
He was beaten by his peers until his body was swollen
He was pushed into the dirt and he had his money stolen
But this is only an explanation, not at all an excuse
An attempt to defend this Boy would be of no use
For he attacked his peers first, he just happened to lose
So when he was down they took his money and considered it a truce
But he would not accept defeat, he still wanted to fight
However to defeat his attackers he did not have enough might
So he started small at the bottom of the hill
Where he saw another Child, sitting rather still
The Child was napping, lying down on its back
But the Boy didn’t care, his plan was attack
He awoke the child forcefully and said give me what you’ve got
Then he knocked the Child down and quickly took its spot
Nobody helped, thinking after the Boy got what he wanted he would stop
But the Boy didn’t want just one spot, he wanted the whole lot
So he continued up the hill taking every spot in sight
Growing stronger as he went winning almost every single fight
Soon Others realized he wouldn’t stop and they tried to retaliate
But it was to no avail, the Boy was too powerful to sedate
Their defense might have worked had it not come so late
If only they had chosen to help the child over choosing to wait
And with little opposition, he reached the top of the hill
Where he soon got bored and wanted a new thrill
That’s when he saw all the ants just marching along
He saw them as disgusting, ugly, vile, and wrong
He set out to destroy them but he didn’t want them to know
Because if they started to catch on he knew that they would go
So although he wanted them dead fast, he got rid of them real slow
He cut away at them little by little making sure to be thorough
The first thing he did was to destroy all their homes
And when they ran out for safety he gave them somewhere to roam
He put them in an ant farm and wouldn’t let them leave
First squashing all the ones that looked too old or just plain weak
He made the rest build tunnels and do nothing but work
And as they prayed for help he did nothing but smirk
He supplied them with not even enough food to survive
But despite that fact some of them managed to stay alive
And what he did to the ones that remained
Is almost incomprehensible to the human brain
He cut up their bodies and poured chemicals on their skin
Yet he received no divine punishment for all of his terrible sins
He continued to kill with no signs of remorse
He wouldn’t stop until every ant was a corpse
He trapped bunches in cups and filled them up with smoke
Then he stood idly by just watching them as they choked
He incinerated thousands with his magnifying glass
Ending so many lives just to decrease their mass
His plan was to kill until there absolutely were no more
Until someone from afar could not stand all of the gore
The Boy wasn’t about to let this stranger interfere with his plan
But the Boy couldn’t defeat him because the stranger was a Man
The Boy could take on children but not a Man so strong
So the Man knocked down the Boy whose actions were so wrong
He made the Boy give back every spot he stole
And he helped the other children to regain their control
The Boy was punished, given an interminable sentence
But he was not even sorry; he made no effort at repentance
So the Boy was subdued, but had the Man really won
The lives had been lost and the damage been done
There is only one way that victory will come
And it’s not from fighting big wars with big guns
The answer is knowledge, you just have to learn
That when others are attacked it is your concern
That when you see something wrong, you can not just stand by
You can not just watch as the innocent die
You have to speak up for everything you believe is right
When the world is shrouded in darkness, you must be the light
And we all must learn from the past, so we don’t repeat the actions we regret
Because they can happen again, so we must never forget

(It’s an Extended Metaphor for the Holocaust.)

Ian Lepkowsky

Ian is a passionate writer searching for personal transformation through unconditional self expression. He's also a philosopher, artist, and creator that's interested in video games and food and stuff.

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