Unlock This Batman: Arkham Knight Secret Event By Changing The Date (Minor Spoilers)

Batman: Arkham Knight is a game that is filled with easter eggs and subtle hidden details. Youtube user Batman Arkham Videos recently posted a video showing players how to unlock a secret event with a date change.

There is one prerequisite. In order to unlock this secret event, you must have already completed the man-bat side-quest line. Once man-bat has been locked up at GCPD, players are able to access the event by changing their console date to October 31, 2015: Halloween.

After doing so, when you are out grappling to the top of buildings, you will encounter another jump-scare, similar to the first time you met man-bat.If you head back over to GCPD to see what happened, you will find that the glass of the containment cell has been smashed open, confirming that Dr. Langstrom has indeed reverted back into his man-bat form and escaped.

You can try it out for yourself but if you don’t want to go through the work then we won’t make you. Feel free to check out the video below:

This is a pretty cool date-change special event and it’s got to make you wonder what else we still haven’t found that’s hidden and buried deep within the catacombs of this game’s matrix. Are there any other secret events to be found on other dates? Will Rocksteady release anything else when it’s actually the date of Halloween?

Only time will tell. But while we wait, tell us what you think about this date-change special event in the comments. And be sure let us know if you have any predictions or sightings of new easter eggs and hidden content.

Note: First posted by Ian Lepkowsky on Twinfinite.net

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