The Witcher 3 Pre-Order Keychain Is Unsuspectingly Versatile

Surely enough, the keychain was sharp. Even though I had been warned, it was still much sharper than I had expected it to be. Realizing the power of what I held in my hand, I used my The Witcher 3 keychain to slice through the plastic wrapped around the game’s box. It worked perfectly. This got me thinking. What else could this keychain be used for?

Firstly, one must be careful of keeping the keychain in a pocket. If you turn the wrong way, you certainly wouldn’t want the keychain catching you at an odd angle. But if one could dare to live on the edge and bare this risk, this is a good key chain to have around. It’s like one step below a pocket knife. Except it’s better because it’s The Witcher 3.

With this  keychain, you could potentially fend off attackers in close quarters combat. It would be especially useful during an ambush in which you did not have access to an escape route or weapon to assist you. In times of peace, the keychain can be used as a letter opener. It can cut the tape that seals cardboard boxes. It can help you peel an orange. It can even help you carve the initials of you and your loved one into a tree. The possibilities are endless.

In any case, compared to other games, it’s unique that CD Projekt Red included not only a physical thank you note to all players who bought the physical copy of the game and free DLC for all, but also a versatile multi-tool keychain for all players who bought the pre-order.

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